Sunday 4 February 2024


David Longhorn has begun a running review of HAUNTINGS by PETER BELL at his excellent Supernatural Tales blog (

David publishes the terrific magazine SUPERNATURAL TALES.

Cheers, Robert.

Saturday 13 January 2024


HAUNTINGS (Tales of Supernatural Dread) by Peter Bell arrived just before Christmas and all individual pre-ordered copies have now finally shipped. Book-dealer orders will ship early next week.

Apologies for the sight delay but Sara and I both contracted a nasty bout of COVID shortly after the books touched down and it is only in the last week, feeling suitably recovered, that I’ve felt able to get back around to checking, numbering, packing and posting ordered copies.

Hopefully copies will start arriving in a couple to three weeks or so.

Happy New Year everyone.

Cheers, Robert.

Sunday 29 October 2023


HAUNTINGS:  Tales of Supernatural Dread by PETER BELL

Peter Bell in these ten stories presents an intriguing gallery of people and places that are in various ways haunted: by legend and superstition; cults and curses; vengeance and tragedy; existential crisis; sinister epiphanies; dreams and omens; ghosts, witches and demons. In landscapes as diverse as the Scottish Highlands, the Welsh Marches, the Yorkshire Wolds and the Cumbrian Fells, and in the dark interstices of town and country, the characters find themselves in uncanny congress with their haunted surroundings.

Stories: “The Bothy*” “Rounding the Stone*” “Reunion” “Ragnarok” “The Cry of the Curlew*” “The Curator of Souls” “The Tunnel” “The Swing” “The Portrait” and “The Crucifix*”. Preface by the Author.

*Previously unpublished and original to this collection. The previously published stories have been fully revised, some extensively. 

HAUNTINGS is a Hand Numbered Limited Edition Jacketed Hardcover.

Bound in Midnight Blue Cialux Italian cloth, Foil Blocked to Front & Spine in Silver, Quality Cream Text Paper, Full Colour Marble Design Endpapers, Section (Thread) Sewn binding, Head/Tailbands and Ribbon Bookmarker. Approx 180pp including prelims etc.

Fantastic Colour Wrap Dust-Jacket and Black & White Frontispiece Art by PAUL LOWE.

Publication currently scheduled for late December 2023.

PRICES  ... (inclusive of Postage and Packing)

UK:  £38.00

EUROPE :  45,00 Euros

USA & Rest of World:  USA $60.00  [Tracked ~ USA $65.00]

HOW TO ORDER ... E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.

Paypal: visit and send payment using our e-mail address

Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK Bank UK£ only]

Cash. Cash at Senders Risk. (Europe/USA & RoW ~ Paypal or Cash Only).

Please Note: we are very sorry but we can no longer accept cheques in USA dollars due to changes with our UK banking arrangements.


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Saturday 14 October 2023


POSSESSIONS AND PURSUITS, a shared volume by John Howard/Mark Valentine, touched down safely around a week or so ago.

I posted all individual pre-ordered books during the last few days and I aim to get book dealer orders shipped early next week.

All being well, copies should be arriving in the next two to three weeks.

Many apologies for the very slight delay on this one …

Thanks everyone for your continued support (and patience).

Cheers, Robert.

Tuesday 19 September 2023


The books are due to leave my printers tomorrow with touch down expected here in sunny France middle of next week. I'll work as fast as possible to get orders posted and can only apologize for the further delay. Cheers, Robert.

Wednesday 6 September 2023


POSSESSIONS AND PURSUITS, a shared volume by John Howard (the short novel “Fallen Sun”) and Mark Valentine (the novelettes “Masque and Anti-Masque” and “The Prospero Machine”) is very slightly delayed by about a fortnight or so … it’s currently ‘in production’ with my book printer and I am now expecting delivery around the middle of September.

I’ll work to check, number, pack, and post all pre-ordered copies as fast as I can once the books touch down here in France.

It’s already looking like it might sell out pretty quickly … just over 20 copies left of the 300 copy print run.

Full details at:

Cheers, Robert.