Sunday, 31 December 2017


Happy New Year to all our friends.

THE WHITE ROAD by Ron Weighell arrived from my book printer at the very end of November and, after a mad and hugely busy week or two, I was able to ship all pre-ordered copies by the 14 December and these should, all being well, have arrived before or (for those unlucky few) very shortly after Christmas.
THE WHITE ROAD is now (already, I’m afraid) SOLD OUT.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who purchased this title.
Anyone who missed out might be able to get copies (while the dealer stocks last) from ...
UK:  Cold Tonnage Books.  Fantastic Literature
USA:  Camelot Books & Gifts.  Dark Hollow Books.  Realms of Fantasy Books.  Wrigley-Cross Books.  Ziesings
Canada:  M J Thompson Rare Books

Still Available ... but, I’m guessing, not for long as only a dozen remain ... is FROM ANCIENT RAVENS by Mark Valentine, Ron Weighell & John Howard.
And I have just THREE copies left of DARKLY HAUNTING !!!

Cheers, Robert.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017




When THE WHITE ROAD appeared in 1997, in the Ghost Story Press edition, it collected all the short fiction the author wanted to see preserved at that time. In this new Sarob Press edition a few of the minor, or otherwise readily available stories from the original have been left out and ‘replaced’ by a novella bringing together two of Ron Weighell’s most popular characters, ‘James Calder-Stuart’ and ‘Vallance’, and taking ideas in its plot from one of the ‘lost novels’ mentioned in the introduction to the original edition ... “Out of the Hidden Land” has been written especially for this volume. The original stories have been newly typeset and re-imagined. This 384pp (approx) hardcover containing 24 stories and 2 novellas has been a massive undertaking by the author, the artist and by Sarob Press ... a true labour of love. The original stories have mostly only minor revisions/corrections etc and appear in the author’s preferred order ... and the overall feel and concept of this new volume is wholly different to the GSP edition. And we’ve worked extra hard and really pushed the boat out in regards to design and production. Truly a book to savour ... Stories:
“The Secret Place” “Againbite” “The Boat Called Millions of Years” “Carven of Onyx” “Laid Down and Guarded” “The First Turning of the Second Stair” “‘Bishop’ Asgarth’s Chantry” “China Rose” “The Tunnel of Saksaksalim” “Lock Fast the Lock” “The Greater Arcana” “An Empty House” “The Stryx” “The Box Parterre” “Byerly Mount” “Second Death” “The Chestnut Husk” “The Lycurgus Cup” “The Circle of the Hieroglyphs” “The Ram Head Ring” “Necropolis” “The Fire of the Wise” “Diminish Like the Word” “The Resurrection Brass” “The White Road” & “Out of the Hidden Land”
Ron has provided a new introduction for this 20th anniversary edition and artist Nick Maloret has come up with a terrific painting for the jacket, another for the ‘illustrated end-papers’ and distinctive blocking art for the front boards (all based on the Egyptian Magic themes in the new novella).

THE WHITE ROAD is a Hand Numbered Lithographically Printed Limited Edition Hardcover, Bound in WHITE wibalin (fine linen style) with a blocking design to the front boards. Spine Blocking. Full Colour Dust Jacket with wrap cover art, premium Munken Cream 80gsm Bookwove, 16pp section sewn binding, head/tailbands, ribbon marker and, a first for Sarob Press, gorgeous illustrated end-papers. The book will be flat “signed” by the author when received from the book-printer.
Publication currently scheduled for late November 2017.

(inclusive of Postage & Packing)

UK: UK £40.00
Europe: 55,00 euros
USA & Rest of World: US $75.00

E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.
Paypal: visit and send payment using our e-mail address
Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $ only]
Cash. Cash at Senders Risk. (Euros ~ Paypal or Cash Only).

Cheers, Robert.

Thursday, 28 September 2017


I’m aiming to “announce” the much anticipated and talked about twentieth anniversary edition of THE WHITE ROAD by RON WEIGHELL within the next two weeks.
To whet your appetite (and as a few people have asked) ... here’s a little taster of the jacket art (by Nick Maloret).
Watch this space ... as they say.
I still have some copies available of FROM ANCIENT RAVENS and DARKLY HAUNTING ... but not many!

Cheers, Robert.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


DARKLY HAUNTING has finally arrived here in sunny France and all pre-publication orders have now shipped and should be touching down shortly (if not already done so).
Only around 16/17 copies left so if you want a copy and haven’t yet ordered ...
David (Longhorn) has already started reviewing each story on his excellent Supernatural Tales blog at
Ron Weighell and I met yesterday to put our heads together to thrash out some design bits and pieces for the eagerly awaited 20th Anniversary Edition of his fabled THE WHITE ROAD ... already getting lots and lots of interest in this one.
I hope to speak to my book printer this week and am aiming to properly “announce” THE WHITE ROAD (with everything you’ll need to know) before the end of this month.

Cheers, Robert.

Sunday, 2 July 2017




Sarob Press is delighted to present a spooky quintet of all new and very different haunting tales by James Doig, Colin Insole, Rhys Hughes, Peter Holman and D.P. Watt. Ghost stories, black magic, delightful chills and strange happenings ... Darkly Haunting is for those who like a pleasant, or perhaps rather unpleasant, shiver with their glass of port (or preferred beverage). From Jamesian terrors lurking unseen to somewhat more unsettling and unusual hauntings ...

In “Early Stages” James Doig relates a Jamesian tale of secrets hidden in ancient documents, early English drama and black magic.
Colin Insole’s “Bluebells I’ll Gather” is a tragically haunting and haunted story set against the dark and stormy backdrop of two World Wars.
In “The Black Dog of Zero” Rhys Hughes proposes a distinctly bizarre haunting which occurs only at very specific and entirely expected moments.
Major Cowan has his demons. Haunted by a past he can’t forget ... and the ghosts of his memories in “No Surrender” by Peter Holman.
In “The English House” D.P. Watt explores a post-Brexit future with darkly supernatural glimpses ... just what is the secret lurking behind the walls of La Maison Anglaise?

DARKLY HAUNTING is a Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover, Bound in Wibalin (fine linen style), Foil Blocked to spine, Colour Dust-Jacket with wrap cover art, 80gsm Cream Bookwove, Section Sewn Binding, Head & Tailbands & Coloured Endpapers.
Dust Jacket Art by Paul Lowe.
Publication currently scheduled for early August 2017.

PRICE  (inclusive of Postage & Packing)
UK: UK £32.50
Europe: 45,00 euros
USA & Rest of World: US $60.00

E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.

Paypal: visit and send payment using our e-mail address
Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $ only]
Cash. Cash at Senders Risk. (Euros ~ Paypal or Cash Only).

Cheers, Robert.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


LOW STOCK REPORT:  Just to let everyone know, I have only around 25 copies of the recently published FROM ANCIENT RAVENS by Mark Valentine, Ron Weighell and John Howard left. Check out:

I’m currently working on the next Sarob Press title and, all being well, hope to be able to announce details in a few weeks.

EARLY BIRD NEWS: Later this year, and if all goes to plan, Sarob Press will be publishing a twentieth anniversary SIGNED edition of Ron Weighell’s fabled The White Road. Although there are one or two things left to iron out, this newly typeset and re-imagined edition (with new design, art etc) is likely to contain 25* of the stories from the original ‘Ghost Story Press’ volume (with mostly minor revisions/corrections etc and presented in the author’s preferred order) PLUS a brand new novella (provisionally) entitled ‘Out of the Hidden Land’ featuring archaeologist James Calder-Stuart from ‘The Secret Place’. Details of what will be an extremely popular and a truly bumper book will be available late this summer.
*A few of the minor, or otherwise available, stories from the original edition have been left out to be replaced by Ron’s new novella.

Cheers, Robert.