Friday, 29 July 2011


NEWS: Sarob Press is aiming (if all goes to plan) to issue TWO new titles for early November 2011 and is pleased to announce details of the first of these as follows – (details of the second title to [hopefully] follow in a very few weeks).

Jane Jakeman: A Bracelet of Bright Hair

Eight dark, terror-filled ghostly stories, perfect for the long winter nights to come … some Jamesian, some not – all pleasingly traditional. You'll want to sleep with the lights on. If you can sleep … The title is a quotation from “The Relic” by John Donne.
Jane Jakeman is the author of Death in the South of France, Death at Versailles and the Lord Ambrose Malfine historical crime novels. She lives in Oxford where some of the stories in A Bracelet of Bright Hair are set.
Jane's ghostly fiction has been previously published in Ghosts & Scholars, All Hallows & Supernatural Tales. This is her first collection of ghost/supernatural stories.
Stories: “Vrykolakas” “Lock Me Out!” “Neon” “River” “Survival of the Fittest” “The Edge of the Knife” “The House with No History” and “Adoptagrave”.
Afterword by Jane Jakeman. Illustrations by Paul Lowe.
Limited Edition Hardcover. Printed Boards. Edition limited to 150 numbered copies.
Limitation will be reviewed if pre-publication interest suggests a larger print run is appropriate.

UK: UK £22-50    Europe: 27-50 euros    USA & Rest of World: US $39-50

Postage & Packing is included as follows for all pre-publication orders – UK orders sent second class UK postage from within UK, Europe orders sent airmail from within UK and USA/RoW orders are sent surface mail from within UK+
+For airmail ADD : USA/RoW: US $5

E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.

Paypal: visit and send payment using our e-mail address
Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $* only]
*Please ADD US $5 for Conversion Fees if paying by USA $ check. Or keep the cost down and pay by PAYPAL.
Cash. Cash at Senders Risk.
(Euros ~ Paypal or Cash Only).

Watch this space for details of the (hoped for) second November title.

Cheers, Robert.

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  1. A very-very good news. Can we wait for the announcement of the second volume, and then start remitting the total amount via PayPal?