Friday, 14 October 2011


All pre-publication orders for A Bracelet of Bright Hair by Jane Jakeman shipped last Tuesday. If you're in Great Britain or Europe then your copy will be with you already or should arrive within the next few days. USA/Rest of World orders should be arriving over the next week if you paid the extra for airmail … surface mail orders might take a few weeks longer so please be patient.
The following specialist book-dealers have (or when their stock arrives will have) copies:

Borderlands Books ( U.S.A.
Camelot Books & Gifts ( U.S.A.
Cold Tonnage Books ( U.K.
Ken Cowley ( U.K.
Chris Drumm Books ( U.S.A.
Dark Hollow Books ( U.S.A.
Fantastic Literature ( U.K.
Mord Und Musik ( Austria
Realms of Fantasy Books ( U.S.A.
Wrigley-Cross Books ( U.S.A.
Ziesing Books ( U.S.A.

I'll post details of our January title over the coming weekend.
Cheers, Robert.

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