Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Sorry to be so slow updating … but it's been manic. The 150 copies we intended printing of Seven Ghosts and One Other sold out within three weeks of my announcing the book. And so I'm looking at increasing the print run to 200. Even with the increase the book looks to be a sell-out well before publication. I'd hate to see anyone disappointed so don't wait to reserve your copy. To say I'm amazed by the response to our re-launch would be an understatement. Thanks everyone.
Still looking at a mid(ish)-October publication.
At last, I now have a French Paypal Account and can take pre-publication payment as follows:


Paypal: visit and use our e-mail to send payment.

Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $* only]
*Please ADD US $5 for Conversion Fees if paying by USA $ check. Or keep the cost down and pay by PAYPAL.

Cash. Cash at Senders Risk.
(Euros ~ Paypal or Cash Only).

UK: UK £20   Europe: 25 euros   USA & Rest of World: US $35
Free Surface Mail Postage & Packing Included
UK orders are sent second class UK postage from within UK.
For Airmail ADD : USA/RoW: US $5

Thanks again, Robert.