Sunday, 31 December 2017


Happy New Year to all our friends.

THE WHITE ROAD by Ron Weighell arrived from my book printer at the very end of November and, after a mad and hugely busy week or two, I was able to ship all pre-ordered copies by the 14 December and these should, all being well, have arrived before or (for those unlucky few) very shortly after Christmas.
THE WHITE ROAD is now (already, I’m afraid) SOLD OUT.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who purchased this title.
Anyone who missed out might be able to get copies (while the dealer stocks last) from ...
UK:  Cold Tonnage Books.  Fantastic Literature
USA:  Camelot Books & Gifts.  Dark Hollow Books.  Realms of Fantasy Books.  Wrigley-Cross Books.  Ziesings
Canada:  M J Thompson Rare Books

Still Available ... but, I’m guessing, not for long as only a dozen remain ... is FROM ANCIENT RAVENS by Mark Valentine, Ron Weighell & John Howard.
And I have just THREE copies left of DARKLY HAUNTING !!!

Cheers, Robert.