Thursday, 21 July 2022


AN UNHEAVENLY HOST has arrived and looks really great ... already very few copies left.
Folk in the UK will have got their copies already and I have now almost finished packing up and posting European, USA and Rest of World pre-ordered (and just ordered) copies … most have shipped and I hope to ship the last few in the next couple of days.
And I am currently working hard to finish off the Rosemary Pardoe edited, and eagerly awaited, THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF FOLLIES AND GROTTOES for an early September publication. If all goes to plan I’ll be aiming to announce this one once I’ve finished posting all ordered copies of AN UNHEAVENLY HOST and taken a week or so of deserved rest.
Take care folks. Cheers, Robert.

Saturday, 2 July 2022


AN UNHEAVENLY HOST by C.E. WARD [see post below for full details] has been very slightly delayed at my printers. Although I had been told to expect the books before the end of June, I am now advised that delivery will be on (or around) 12 July. Many apologies everyone for the slight wait.

I will, of course, work to get pre-ordered copies checked, numbered, packed and posted as quickly as I can once the books are to hand … and already almost 95% of the print run for this one is sold or reserved.

Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, Robert.