Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Just heard from my book printer that SUMMONINGS by RON WEIGHELL will not now be ready until around 21/22 May 2014 … a little more than a week or so later than I expected mainly due, I'm informed, to the UK bank holidays this month.
I'll be heading to Wales (as usual) a few days after delivery to check, number, pack and post all pre-orders.
Many apologies for the slight delay with this one … I hope it'll be well worth the short wait for everyone.
As soon as I get back to France after all copies of Ron's book have shipped I'll get to work on putting together the announcement for our August/September book … THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF SHADOWS VOLUME 2. If you've got volume 1 you really won't want to miss out on this one! The cover art by Paul Lowe (based on “Count Magnus” by MR James) is really excellent … and the stories (12 again and more pages) are just as good ...
Cheers, Robert.