Sunday, 4 June 2017


LOW STOCK REPORT:  Just to let everyone know, I have only around 25 copies of the recently published FROM ANCIENT RAVENS by Mark Valentine, Ron Weighell and John Howard left. Check out:

I’m currently working on the next Sarob Press title and, all being well, hope to be able to announce details in a few weeks.

EARLY BIRD NEWS: Later this year, and if all goes to plan, Sarob Press will be publishing a twentieth anniversary SIGNED edition of Ron Weighell’s fabled The White Road. Although there are one or two things left to iron out, this newly typeset and re-imagined edition (with new design, art etc) is likely to contain 25* of the stories from the original ‘Ghost Story Press’ volume (with mostly minor revisions/corrections etc and presented in the author’s preferred order) PLUS a brand new novella (provisionally) entitled ‘Out of the Hidden Land’ featuring archaeologist James Calder-Stuart from ‘The Secret Place’. Details of what will be an extremely popular and a truly bumper book will be available late this summer.
*A few of the minor, or otherwise available, stories from the original edition have been left out to be replaced by Ron’s new novella.

Cheers, Robert.