Saturday, 28 September 2013


The Heaven Tree & Other Stories by Christopher Harman

Sarob Press is pleased to present the long-awaited first hardcover collection of supernatural stories by Christopher Harman. Mr Harman’s first story appeared in 1992. Since then his stories have appeared in magazines such as All Hallows, Ghosts & Scholars, Supernatural Tales, Kimota, Dark Horizons, New Genre and Postscripts and in the anthologies The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows, Acquainted with the Night, Shades of Darkness, Strange Tales 2, Terror Tales of East Anglia, Terror Tales of the Cotswolds, Rustblind and Silverbright, Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and Best New Horror. Christopher lives in Preston, Lancashire, and is a librarian. Here are five stories (including two newly written long novelettes*) from the imagination of an author who delivers a delightfully shadowy tour of darkly supernatural terrors.
Stories: “The Heaven Tree”* “Hoxlip and After” “Bad Teeth” “Scrubs”* “Deep Water”
Order your copy NOW to avoid the almost inevitable disappointment when this book sells out.
Limited Numbered Edition Hardcover. viii+118pp. Full colour wrap cover art by Paul Lowe.
Printed Boards. Sewn Binding. Black Endpapers. Head & Tailbands. Cream Bookwove.
***Please note the upgrade in our production values***
Publication currently scheduled for November 2013.

PRICES (inclusive of Postage & Packing from within the UK for pre-publication orders as shown)
UK: UK £28.00 (2nd Class Post)
Europe: 35,00 euros (Air Mail)
USA & Rest of World: US $49.50 (Surface Mail) or US $52.50 (Air Mail)

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Pre-publication orders for Slaver Heap have now been posted. Very many thanks, everyone, for your patience. Already we have just a few copies left.
Watch out for exciting new title news coming very shortly.
Cheers, Robert.