Friday, 27 March 2020


THE GHOSTS & SCHOLARS BOOK OF MAZES has arrived and it looks great.
I have now finished packing all pre-orders.
However, because of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and the extended restrictions imposed by the French President, I can’t actually get to post the books just yet – all shops, bars, restaurants, and indeed, the local post offices etc are closed and, in line with much of the World at this time, we can only leave our home to buy essential food and/or medicines.
As soon as I can (and, hopefully, in a couple of weeks or so), I’ll get your books to the post office and, then, post-willing, to you all.
I would ask folk to bear with me at this extremely difficult time and, far more importantly, please, everyone, keep safe and keep healthy.
My very best wishes go out to all our customers and their families and friends ...
I’ll update regarding shipping of ordered books as soon as I can.
Thanks for your continued support as always.
Cheers, Robert.