Saturday, 22 May 2021


All 350 copies of Finding Yourself in the Dark by Steve Duffy have, at last, touched down here in stormy France.

I’d like to apologise to everyone who has been waiting on publication for the delay with this one.

I had a couple of minor issues with the dust jacket proof which set me back a few days, and my printer has been very busy and has taken a couple of weeks or so longer than usual.

I’ll now work very hard to get all pre-publication orders (around 330 of the 350 are currently spoken for) checked, numbered, packed and posted as fast as humanly possible.

But please remember, Sarob Press is just me and that things will take a bit longer than usual ... thanks to Brexit I now have to complete and attach two separate forms of customs paperwork to each packet (or parcel) leaving France for destinations outside the EU (and one has to be filled in online and then printed); and my local post mistress tells me that, as all these must now be scanned and input separately (and she’s also on her own and only open mornings), she can probably only handle around 20-25 packets/parcels from me each day.

So, please be extra patient.

I will get there ... many thanks for your understanding.

Keep safe everyone.

Cheers, Robert.