Monday, 18 May 2015


ROMANCES OF THE WHITE DAY has arrived from my printer.
I've been busy checking, numbering & packing pre-orders and, after working into the wee small hours, was able to get to La Poste and send all UK, Europe and Rest of World pre-orders on Friday of last week. Delivery should be within 10-14 days.
I've just finished packing all USA pre-orders (and a few orders received late last week) and hope to get all these shipped tomorrow.
All Book-Dealer orders are also packed up and I'm heading over to Wales on Thursday and, if all goes to plan, these will ship on Friday from within the UK.
Already there are just around THIRTY FIVE copies of this one left … so don't hang about too long if you haven't ordered and want a copy.
Thanks, again, to everyone.

Cheers, Robert.